Barack Obama’s Entertaining Secret Weapon

Politics is at its most potent when it is entertaining. By no means do I mean the Australian kind of entertaining politics where we laugh AT politicians who become the butt of many jokes. I am talking about the American political circuit and Barack Obama’s secret entertaining weapon!


Entertaining information is much easier to retain. It means something to us. It is communicated in more meaningful ways. And it forms part of our discussions with friends and family reinforcing its memorability. This is the reason why we can remember information about our favourite celebrities but we struggle to name any other politicians than the figureheads of each party.

So why not take a leaf out of the entertainment book?

That is what Barack Obama’s publicity team did when they unveiled his secret weapon seven years ago . . . Michelle Obama.

While Barack Obama does his fair share of entertaining appearances on TV shows and even ‘Between Two Ferns’, his wife does the hard yards reminding people why their government is creating meaningful policies. Michelle Obama appears on countless daytime television shows, creates plenty of interesting and entertaining media stories and even recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

To celebrate the fifth year of the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign encouraging people to get out of their chairs and complete physical exercise in a fun and entertaining way, Michelle Obama made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show. This is not one of the places that you would expect to see the First Lady of the United State. But that is exactly the reason why her presence is so effective. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is one of those entertaining channels where the average person learns about entertainment news that means a lot to them, through her appearance politics has become a little bit cooler!

But she didn’t stop there. Any other First Lady would have given a short interview where they talked about politics in the same way they would approach it on any political reporting show. Not Michelle Obama.

Celebrating the exercise associated with dancing, Michelle Obama joined Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious send up of ‘The Evolution of Mom Dancing (Part 2)’.

This video has been online for two days and has already been seen by more than three and a half million people in addition to those who regularly watch his nightly show. And the first installment two years ago has reached over 21 million. The accessible format in which Michelle Obama has presented her Let’s Move program through this sketch has turned it into entertaining information that is worthwhile remembering.

Barack Obama may be good at his job. But it is the contribution of his entertaining wife Michelle, who is unafraid to do any publicity appearance, which has kept him relevant and clearly conveyed his policies to the mass audience who will be voting for him in a memorable form.

Never underestimate the importance of an entertaining secret weapon when dealing with a dull subject!