A Cheap Introduction

Introductory Offers have been around for ages. A couple of dollars off the first purchase. A free or cheap trial period. They recognise that there is a significant amount of risk involved in trying a new product and take away some of that risk for the first trial. But they are rather new in the entertainment industry.

Kelly Clarkson Heartbeat Song

Introductory Offers tend to work for products where there is a monthly subscription or opportunity to repurchase weekly. They provide a great opportunity for customers to try out a new product at much less risk if they don’t end up enjoying it. (Don’t get me started on the seedy underbelly of introductory offers where they give you a month free and then hope you forget to cancel after the first month so they can charge your credit card! That’s just bad marketing).

Streaming services could very easily fit into these categories but, at the moment, introductory offers seem to end here. That didn’t stop Kelly Clarkson!

Following up from her highly acclaimed Stronger album which spawned a number of popular singles, Kelly Clarkson has recently released a new album titled Piece by Piece. It has already hit number one in the US Billboard charts and is sure to be another success. But it is her pricing structure which could make it a sales success as well.

For Australian audiences, the album is already on the cheaper end of the spectrum. At a cheap $14.99 for all the tracks there is quite a lot of value already provided to customers compared to many of her competitors. But it is her leading single off the album which is the interesting sales story. Where all the other tracks are the usual Australian price of $2.19 each, her leading single Heartbeat Song is only $1.19.

Sure, customer can listen to the song in full on YouTube and will have heard it on talk shows broadcast across the world but it is much easier to impulsively download a $1.19 track than a $2.19 track. And if this track does its job properly, those who impulsively downloaded it at the cheaper price will be back to stock up on more of the tracks or even the entire album.

It is essentially a clever twist on the Introductory Offer. Providing customers with a cheap first try so that they will come back for more!

Good one Kelly Clarkson!