Share and Save

Word of mouth is easy to build for a long term event which has multiple shows. Audiences in the early shows will begin to talk and inspire people to book later in the season. But what about one-offs? How do you get that word of mouth recommendation before your audience has even attended the event?

Credit Card Shopping

It takes a lot of effort to buy a ticket to an event.

  1. Decide on the date and time.
  2. Trying to decide on the location of the tickets you want to purchase.
  3. Enter promotional codes.
  4. Select the correct ticket price for any discounts you might be entitled to.
  5. Answer the captcha code correctly.
  6. Answer the captcha code again because you actually got it wrong.
  7. Put in all your residential details – that are always the same as my billing details!
  8. Enter your credit card information

And then finally you can have you tickets. It is by no means a simple and quick process. But at the end of this journey the ticketing companies would like you to also give a word of mouth recommendation to all your friends through your social media.

As far as promotional strategies go, theoretically this is a great idea. Get an interested customer to post on their Facebook page that they are attending an event. Immediately there is a word of mouth recommendation that reaches a whole network of people with similar interests to this one audience member and would likely enjoy this same event. One issue . . . This polite request comes at the end of an arduous task of trying to book tickets.

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica have flipped this process on its head!

Earlier this week I heard a talk from Leisha Muraki, Event and Marketing Coordinator of Sex, Drugs & Helvetica, on The Keys to Success. Her talk emphasised two points. Firstly, success comes from learning how to build relationships. Secondly, no matter what service you are designing, the ultimate goal is interacting with humans.

These are two incredibly important points and they are both missing from the traditional ticketing framework. Building relationship comes from give and take. Asking someone to post on their social media is only ‘take’, there is no ‘give’. And secondly, it is speaking to marketers it is not speaking to humans. The only benefit it outlines is to let your friends know what you are attending. However, Sex, Drugs & Helventica have changed this ticketing promotion process.

Why wait until the end to ask your interested consumers to tell their friends about an event? There are two ticket prices available for Sex, Drugs & Helvetica’s annual conference. General Admission and Facebook Share and Save Limited Offer. The Share and Save offer entitles the booker to a $20 discount on the ticket price simply by sharing the event on their Facebook page. It is a simple idea, but it reinforces the notion of give and take in a relationship. The customer ‘gives’ a social media recommendation to a whole group of people with similar interests and ‘takes’ a $20 discount. There is clear articulation of value and a strong emphasis on understanding the human interaction with a booking system.

It doesn’t take huge changes. Just take the time to step into your customer’s shoes and see what it is like from their perspective. Good one Sex, Drugs & Helventica!