Why you need to rock every customer’s world.

It is imperative that every organisation and service asks their customers one question. ‘Would you recommend me?’. In the overwhelming world of marketing communications that we are all exposed to, it is these personal recommendations which stand out amongst the crowd. So sometimes you just have to ask them!

Planet Earth

There is a marketing concept called the Net Promoter Score. Essentially it is based around the following assumptions. When customers are asked ‘Would you recommend me?’, those who give you are rating of 9-10 are extremely likely to recommend. In contrast, those who provide a score of 7-8 are satisfied but will not go out of their way to recommend and those customers who give a score of 0-6 are not satisfied and could be detracting from your business directing friends and family to your competitors.

In entertainment, this is incredibly important. A show can have all the advertising in the world but it doesn’t mean it will be a success. What does guarantee this success is if all the people who have seen it post positively on social media and essentially drag their family and friends back into the theatre to see it.

But what if your audiences appear to be having a good time without generating any recommendations to friends and family? What is happening?

When customers recommend you, they are doing more than merely pumping up your reputation. They are putting their reputation on the line. And that is a risk that they will only take if they’re 100% sure that their networks will enjoy the show.

If there are any doubts in your current audience’s mind about their friends and family enjoying the show then they will not risk their reputation as a recommender.

Was the line for the bathrooms too long? Were the programmes overpriced? Were the seats really bad?

If you don’t rock your customer’s world, how can they be sure that you will rock the world of their friends and family? It is time to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see if you would risk your reputation to recommend your entertainment product. Because if there is a twinge of doubt that your friends and family may not enjoy it, then it would be easier to direct them to a sure thing!