Normal Tweeting

How did the world find out about the birth of Kate and Will’s new baby? Twitter. Where was the new princess’ name announced? Twitter. Where can you stay up to date with the latest first hand comments from the royals and pictures of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge? You guessed it . . . Twitter!

Kate and Wills

Many brands that have been around for a long time can fall into the trap of thinking their heritage will keep them relevant. While this is, of course, an important factor in decision making – any brand that has been around for a long time must be good – we are always on the lookout for the bright and shiny new kid on the block. Could these people satisfy our needs better?

We see it happen all the time with celebrities. Stars who have been around a long time are great, but we are always easily distracted by the latest person capturing their fifteen minutes of fame. And whether they would like to see it this way or not . . . the Royals are competing with the rest of the celebrity crew for the attention of younger audiences who will carry their relevance into the future.

If anyone is going to achieve this, it is the current generation of young royals!

William, Kate and Harry are the most important connections between the Monarchy and young generations. Not schooled in the art of appreciating heritage, the mere fact that their institution has been around for so long does not automatically endear them to the younger generations. But what does forge this connection is the most important type of marketing – relationship development.

Relationships develop when we can see a commonality with these people that we are watching. Taylor Swift has soared to the heights of popularity because she is essentially a ‘normal’ girl. The same thing is keeping Prince Harry popular as he broke the stigma of the Monarchy with his average and relatable behaviour (not that we have all had nude photos from a Las Vegas casino plastered all over the newspapers).

William and Kate are the same. The current social norm is to announce pregnancies on social media and share your important moments with the world. The same thing happened with this couple on the birth of their second child. News first broke through their official Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal) before all the other major news outlets caught on.

Kensington Tweet

If there is one thing that is going to keep the power of the Monarchy into the future, it is the perception that they are just normal people. Similar to all of us out here in the real world without the crowns and tiaras. Achieving this allows the average person to relate with their brand and, while we may not be buying their products with our money, they are being paid in our time!