Representing Your Audience

Audiences like to relate to what they see in front of them. Whether that is a familiar accent or a television character going through a similar drama, being able to relate to an issue increases its importance and resonance leading to greater loyalty. And that is exactly what Eurovision did this year!

Guy Sebastian

Congratulations to Guy Sebastian on his 5th place at Eurovision which is a pretty impressive score considering our monarch often struggles to get many points on the board. But onto the marketing . . .

Inviting Guy Sebastian onto the Eurovision stage is a genius move, much like their decision to include Jessica Mauboy in last year’s festivities. A significant portion of their viewership comes from Australia, so why not reward these loyal audience members with some representation of their own?

Not only does it strengthen this existing audience’s ties with the song contest because they have noticed Australia but adding some local talent means that we get months of news coverage down under. Who will be competing? What will their song be? And then the obligatory ‘Road to Eurovision’ stories. It is the PR campaign that money can’t buy.

Did it work? We will see when the voting and viewership figures come out in the next couple of days. And the extent to which Australia got on board will most likely determine whether we get asked back again because there is a good chance that more Australian viewers tuned in this year.

But regardless of the Australian outcome, Eurovision could be on to a winner with this wildcard entry spot. It is a great way to engender support from the chosen nation and spread the Eurovision reach further than 1974 winners ABBA. And where are the bets landing for the next Eurovision wildcard?


For the first time, Eurovision was broadcast into this Asian superpower this year. They even sent two commentators over to the competition. Giving them a wildcard entry next year would be a great way to increase the relevance to Chinese viewers and bring an entire superpower worth of audience along to the competition.

I’m sure we will find out very soon . . .