Alternative Advertising

The Lion King is the most successful piece of entertainment property in history. Last year, the musical alone (leaving out the incredibly successful film and songs) achieved the most successful box office total of any work in any media with a worldwide gross of $6.2 billion. Don’t you wish you were one of the original investors in that show!


How did it get there? Sure, it has a universal story. A series of characters and plot twists which resonate with everyone in the audience no matter their age, status, nationality or life experiences. And this certainly helps its audiences have a fantastic time and tell all their friends. But I think that their other secret lies in their marketing.

Too often, marketing campaigns are rolled out based on the industry without thinking about the actual desired customer when it comes to entertainment. ‘All shows advertise on trams, so we need to advertise on trams’. ‘All shows take out a full page advertisement in the Herald Sun, so that is what we need to do’. But why not take a second to look at their desired audience – and that is exactly what Disney has done.

The Lion King has rocked up in Melbourne earlier this year. They already gained the attention of parents and grandparents looking for an outing with their young child. But what about slightly edgier demographics? People who wouldn’t usually be seen in the theatre. The Lion King is the perfect show to ensure that they have a good first experience with the entertainment style, but traditional advertising would often miss the mark.

So Disney created an enormous billboard which linked the theatre offer in with a number of characteristics which already resonate with these audiences. Check it out in the video below