Combining Bollywood and Beckham in a Music Video

Billy Elliot managed to take boxing to ballet, especially when it translated across onto the stage. Now the latest sport-inspired West End musical is hoping to do the same thing with Bend It Like Beckham. But they are trying a novel – almost mainstream – promotion!

Bend it Like Beckham

How does the music industry add value to popular songs? They provide multiple touch points for their audience to engage. That could be music downloads, music videos, behind the scenes footage, recording studio videos, live performances on tour. Each of these extend the life of a song and develop the relationship with their audience through multiple different experiences.

The theatre relies just as heavily on songs drawing people to their shows as artists rely on their songs bringing people to live shows. Maybe it is time to look into these multiple touch points?

In general, musicals use the same methods as pop songs. The album is available for download, there is often behind the scenes footage from the recording studio and there are sometimes even interviews with the cast. But a realm which they haven’t really moved into is the music video.

Bend It Like Beckham is taking its first steps into this medium releasing their opening number to the internet with a music video shot in the real-life location where the show is set. Could it make or break ticket sales? It is too early to tell yet. But it works for the music industry so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here?

Check out the music video of Bend It Like Beckham‘s opening number “UB2”: