The Queen of All Hype

Beyoncé is back in the news. But this time it isn’t about a world tour. It isn’t about a new baby. And it isn’t about a new album which was released without any build up. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is a lesson in the dangers of too much build up.

Beyonce Secret

Hype comes naturally to the entertainment industry. Movie trailers are released early to begin a build in excitement for a yet-to-be-released piece of entertainment. Singers release singles for the same reason and are now beginning to release snippets of their songs to get their fans talking. And the theatre often does a slow release of casting information and opening dates over a long period of time to get their fans hyped up about the latest release. Some shows even have it built into the storyline keeping the famous celebrity member of the cast off the stage for the first 20 or 30 minutes.

But while Beyoncé has previously proven herself as above hype with the release of her self-titled album without any promotion, her most recent publicity effort certainly taught her publicity team a thing or two about too much hype!

Yesterday, a video started circling the social media channels hyping a big announcement from Beyoncé on Good Morning America. Sounding more like a movie trailer than a GMA advertisement, the ominous voice-over teased ‘Tomorrow morning, Beyoncé has something amazing she wants to share with you . . . What is it? You are going to love it?’.

Her reputation for big announcements at the drop of a hat stoked the fire for her fans causing a frenzy of anticipation and guesses as to the enormous star’s news. Overtime, this frenzy turned into hype which then built up expectations among all GMA viewers and Beyoncé fans. There were guesses that another album would be released live on air, she was pregnant again or even that Destiny’s Child were back together and embarking on a world tour.

The great revelation . . . Beyoncé has become vegan. Again.

Sure, star’s health secrets make headlines on trashy magazines every week of the year. But they do so without this amount of hype and often at least provide some context to the reader when they see the cover. For example, a magazine would often read ‘Find out Beyoncé’s latest health secret’ rather than ‘Beyoncé has something amazing to share with you’.

Hype can be an incredibly effective marketing tool because it encourages those audience members who are really passionate about your brand to start telling all their friends about you. But if the big secret doesn’t match the expectation that is built then it can also be your worst enemy. Because all those people have come up with the best secret reveal that they could possibly think of creating incredibly high expectations, and when the reality is much less exciting they have just become majorly disappointed because your brand isn’t living up to the amazing ideas which they have just had!