Getting some Dinosaur-sized value

There are plenty of movies which are intended to take the audience on a journey to another world. Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars and the movie that is on everyone’s lips . . . Jurassic World. But why stop at the movie cinema? Why not start that otherworldly journey back when your audience are contemplating tickets?

Jurassic World

And that is exactly what the latest addition to the Jurassic Park franchise has done!

The information search stage of any entertainment decision is ‘do or die’. This is the stage at which it is easiest to give up on purchasing a ticket because there is very little personal connection as the audience don’t know an awful lot about the offer. But if you can get them through the stage where they are desperately looking for easy access to information about the experience, then you may well have yourself a willing audience.

So how do you do this? Why not give your audience a taste of what they are going to experience from the very first step?

That is exactly what Jurassic World have set out to do. Taking inspiration from their movie, which is set in a theme park similar to Sea World but with a focus on Dinosaurs, their website isn’t simply an opportunity to find out what you need to know about the movie. It could very easily be confused with a real theme park website.

You can check out the park capacity, see the schedule of activities, keep an eye on wait times and even see when the tourist train stops by each destination. You can zoom around the park map, learn more about the featured set of dinosaurs, read about the park’s creator and check out the DinoCam for a behind-the-scenes view of the keepers and enclosures.

The most necessary function is, of course, available on the page with the opportunity to buy cinema tickets. But it is wrapped up in the opportunity to also book value-add passes to the theme park with breakfast options, kids’ club reservations and individual customer reviews (even some not so great ones complaining about the lack of towel warmers).

The audience experience never has to begin when the lights go down. Why not look at starting their fictional journey earlier giving them even more ‘bang for their buck’!

Check out the Jurassic World website here.