Delta Goodrem’s New Glamour Role

Pop superstar Nicole Scherzinger played the most famous glamour cat, Grizabella, in the West End production of Cats. Now Australia has its very own pop superstar ready to belt ‘Memory’ every night. Today, one of Australia’s most successful artists, Delta Goodrem was announced as the lead in the Australian tour of Cats!


The success of the West End version of Cats was two-fold. One, it was able to leverage off the prestigious name of one of the longest-running, most-famous musical which has cleverly become embedded into pop culture due to that mammoth television show, The Nanny. Two, it was able to combine forces with its leading actresses, Nicole Scherzinger who rose to success in The Pussycat Dolls and continued on her own solo career.

In the past, Cats would have sold out on the back of its own name. But as musicals slowly make their way into a more mainstream position, the genre is becoming increasingly crowded. Especially due to celebrity-led musicals which raise awareness right across the world even if Neil Patrick Harris only performs Hedwig on Broadway. Now the name is everything when it comes to cut through.

And Delta Goodrem will do exactly that!

Delta has an incredibly loyal band of followers that cross several generations. As a home grown talent who has had chart-topping hits for the last twelve years, she has impacted a lot of Australian music listeners. And many of these listeners have grown up with her forming a very strong bond between themselves and Delta’s music (aren’t we all nostalgic for the music of our youth?).

These followers will follow Delta from album to album and also to any other venture. I am certainly not alone in watching The Voice solely because Delta Goodrem is on and this loyal band of followers will be filling the audience for Cats. Plus, Delta is getting her own promotion for the show making headlines from her high-profile coaching position.

I am so excited to be making my musical theatre debut as Grizabella in CATS, one of the most iconic roles. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s work is extraordinary and his music speaks to people all around the world.  I am so honoured to have the opportunity to share Andrew’s music and Grizabella with a whole new generation of Australian audiences.  I grew up admiring Andrew Lloyd Webbers’ musicals, so it is with great honour I am getting to join the CATS’ legacy – Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem can blow the roof off some of Australia’s biggest live performance venues (including Rod Laver Arena!), so she will surely do the same for each of Australia’s theatres. If you are going to get tickets to the Australian tour of Cats, you might need to act fast because between traditional music theatre fans and followers of Delta Goodrem there may not be many left.

Cats will be touring all around Australia after it opens in Sydney on October 30. For more details and to book your tickets now, visit