It’s Never Too Late for a Celebrity Partnership!

When it comes to celebrity brands, there is one way to rocket straight to the top of popularity. Partnerships. But why stop when you reach the top? Taylor Swift hasn’t.

Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow

Most musicians and performers rely on partnerships to build their brand. Of course, there is the odd exception to the rule who will rocket straight to the top of the charts due to a viral YouTube video, but on the whole it generally takes a bit of collaboration. This could be collaborating on a smash hit with an established performer. Opening for a music superstar. Or even appearing in an incredibly famous musical (i.e. Wicked) and linking your own brand with the brand that continues to defy gravity.

But when these performers reach the top of their game, it is easy for them to just rely on their own fans to keep the momentum up and build their fan base. Right? Wrong!

Taylor Swift has been making her way around the world on her insanely popular 1989 Tour. Usually tours of this level would hit the news cycle at the beginning when it was new and exciting then continue on their merry way around the world out of the spotlight. But Taylor Swift has managed to keep that spotlight squarely on her tour making headlines every few days. How?


At each stop, this international superstar has invited other superstars onto the stage to either collaborate with her on a number or two or just ‘Shake It Off’ on the stage with her. But this was not purely a media grab. There is method behind the mad list of guests.

The eclectic mix of surprise guests have included; television stars Matt LeBlanc and Julia Roberts; sports icons Serena Williams and the US Women’s Soccer Team; models Andreja Pejic and Lily Donaldson; comedian Chris Rock; alongside a whole range of musical guests such as John Legend, Ryan Tedder, Lorde, Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez.

Each of these surprise appearances have created another round of viral content for the internet launching the 1989 Tour back into the entertainment headlines. Especially the recent appearance of up-and-coming singer/songwriter Phoebe Buffay who led Taylor in a performance of her signature tune ‘Smelly Cat’.

But it has also taken the Taylor Swift brand to a whole lot of people who wouldn’t usually interact with her. Chris Rock fans probably don’t have much to do with the young American performer. Neither do fans of the US Women’s Soccer Team. But the smiling pictures of these celebrities performing or dancing with the pop superstar act as glowing endorsements that their fans should check out Taylor Swift. All thanks to a three minute partnership!

No matter how the popularity of a celebrity, there is always room for some more fans through a bit of partnership. As many Kanye West fans tweeted upon the release of his collaborative chart-topping song ‘Four Five Seconds’ with Paul McCartney and Rihanna: ‘I don’t know who this Paul McCartney guy is, but Kanye West is going to give this man a career with this new song!’

And with that Paul McCartney picked up an entire generation of new fans (well, at least the ones who didn’t already know who The Beatles were!).