Why Waitress will sell out Broadway . . .

Waitress is going to sell out. There is very little doubt in this statement. It has an all-star Broadway cast for the theatre-lovers. It has music by Sara Bareilles for the pop-lovers. And it is based on a cult-favourite movie which found its audience and resonated. But there is one other reason why the Broadway transfer of this new musical will sell out. And it comes right back to the marketing.

Sara Bareilles Single

When you work in association with another brand, the one aim is to make the two brands so interlinked that the audiences cannot think of one without thinking of the other.

Case in point. Today I was sitting on the train and some girls were swooning over Justin Bieber. One of them was describing why he was so hot. ‘It’s just the way he wears those Calvin Kleins’ she said. At that moment, I thought I heard an account executive at Calvin Klein squeal for joy much like the Beliebers were doing at his Rooftop Performance yesterday. The association has become so strong between these two brands that Justin Bieber benefits from conjuring the image of him in Calvin Klein underwear when people think of him. And Calvin Klein also benefits because that girl didn’t say underwear, she said Calvin Kleins.

It might be a long bow to draw . . . but the same thing is happening with Waitress and it is going to ensure its success on Broadway. (No, Sara Bareilles is not doing ads for Calvin Klein).

The aim of this celebrity association is to link the brands of Waitress and singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles so well that when fans think of one, they immediately think of the other. And how are they doing this?

One of the most headline songs in this new musical, She Used To Be Mine, has become the promotional song for the show. Whenever Sara Bareilles does a concert, she always sings this song to her audience to give them an inside glance at what she has been working on. But last Friday, she took this one step further and dropped a specially designed recording on iTunes of her singing the song.

The cover features her in the same waitress outfit as the lead and she is leaning on a diner counter. Could there be any more symbolism?

But the best part? It immediately links the Waitress brand with Sara Bareilles’ powerful fan base (who already have an impressive relationship with the singer through her social media, check out yesterday’s article). Here is a great experience for Sara Bareilles fans that will leave them wanting more . . . and where do they find that? When they buy a ticket to Waitress!

And I would bet you money that they will!