Trumping the Rest

Donald Trump is a publicist’s nightmare. He doesn’t stick to media schedules. He calls up breakfast television shows on a whim. And he makes whatever comments he feels right. All things which should completely ruin an election campaign . . . except they are having the opposite effect. Why? Because he is accessible.

Disclosure: I don’t actually support his policies. Just his marketing strategies!

Donald Trump

Relationships are at the heart of every successful marketing and political campaign. In fact, there is very little difference between the two. Voters are still engaging a Prime Minister or President’s services. They just aren’t paying for it upfront . . . they will continue to pay for it over the next four years!

And like any marketing campaign, a political campaign relies on relationship building.

Every marketer’s aim is to create a strong and enduring relationship with the customer. This not only means that they will continue to engage with you in the future (repurchase or re-election), but it also means they are more likely to listen to your messaging and take greater stead in your words. And Donald Trump, for all his shortcomings, has better relationship-building skills than any of his opponents.

These strong relationships he has formed with the people of America are due to his accessible appearance. He doesn’t speak above or try to dodge journalists – he rings up the TODAY show. He doesn’t speak around important topics – he gives his opinion (unless it is trying to nail down a certain policy). This is remarkably different from any of his competition and is rather similar behaviour to the way an average person would react in these circumstances. Thus, this accessibility leads to relatability which further strengthens relationships.

If there is one thing that every brand should take from the Donald Trump election campaign, it is his warts-and-all personal appearances. The 100% accessibility has created genuine relationships with the public because his messaging doesn’t feel like it has been shaped by a publicist. And this has caused people to rally behind him and show their support in polling despite the fact that they may not agree completely with his statements . . . but they believe in their relationship! Which is more than you can say for many other politicians.

(P.S. Again, not a supporter of his policies. Just his marketing. Need to make that very clear!)