The Virtual Reality Experience

We are currently living the year that Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future 2. (Doesn’t that make you feel old!). While it may have just been a movie, the writers behind this incredibly popular cult movie were surprisingly accurate with their predictions. Including their latest prediction of virtual reality!

Virtual Reality

360 degree videos are slowly making an impression on the video market. Instead of being passive viewers guided by the videographer, we can make decisions about the angle and direction when we engage with a video. In fact, with a simple movement of your screen, you can immediately observe the video from another angle creating completely unique experiences. But the future for this new technology is even more exciting than the ability to engulf yourself in an alternate reality you can only see through a tablet or smart phone screen.

The future is virtual reality.

Have you ever wanted to explore a museum in a country that you may never visit? See a tourist attraction on the other side of the world? Or even get to uncover the rarely explored corners of the world? Well, this is your key.

It provides an opportunity for viewers to engage with their entertainment and take control of it, crafting a journey which will make their experience more enjoyable.

Imagine if you wanted to see the exhibition at the Louvre? With this technology, you could take a journey around the museum exploring the paintings that you wanted. Sure you are confined to a predetermined route, but it is just like being on a tour. You may have to go into this room, but you don’t need to look at the specific work the guide is talking about. You can examine whatever takes your fancy.

The next step is for these cultural organisations to jump on board and run with these new technological developments. Imagine how it could revolutionise your experience!

I can hear the doubters out their now . . . but if they can see the museum on their screens why would they ever come in person. Really? Is seeing an experience through a tiny six inch screen any substitute for actually living it yourself? Not really. It certainly wouldn’t stop me going to see an exhibition – but it might actually get me through the door if I wasn’t going to go initially!