Surprisingly Similar Siblings

It’s not often that you get a play about family and the same actor plays both the brother and the sister. But then Michael Dalton isn’t your average performer.

A Different Way Home Oct 2015

Renowned for the creation of his character Dolly Diamond, Michael Dalton takes on the challenging role of both brother Leslie and sister Maureen in this unique family drama which will have its Australian premiere at Chapel off Chapel from tonight.

A Different Way Home is a play focussed on family communication and how, in an ideal world, love and affection would transcend prejudice. Through their dysfunctional relationship, siblings Leslie and Michael take the audience through a journey of love, laughter and loss before discovering their powerful impact on binding families together.

Michael Dalton starts this unusual and poignant black comedy as brother Leslie in Act One telling the audience why there is very little love lost between him and his seemingly uncaring sister Maureen. But after interval, Maureen’s side of the story is uncovered as Michael returns as Leslie’s sister and gives us a glimpse into why she made the decision to break away from her family.

A Different Way Home opens tonight at Chapel off Chapel and runs until Sunday 11th October with a couple of matinees on Wednesday and the weekend. For more information and to book tickets, visit