360 Degree Learning . . . School of Rock-style

Prepare to be taught a lesson in the coolest classroom this side of Grease. School of Rock seems to be coming up with a new ground-breaking promotional strategy every day which is making sure that this new musical is on the tip of every prospective ticket buyers tongue . . . The most recent? 360 degree learning.

School of Rock 360

First, they announced the release of their cast album before the show opened. Then came the announcement that performance rights would be available for this show for amateur productions from January. Now, they have jumped on the technological bandwagon and are using the latest trend in video filming to give potential audience members and onlookers an opportunity to step into the School of Rock classroom in this musical sneak peek.

Last week I wrote about the application of this innovative 360 degrees video technology. At the moment, the creators of this new filming technique are teaming up with some of the most influential YouTubers across the world to raise awareness around this new product and position it as the next must-have item (well-timed for Christmas!). But its application lie well outside a mass marketed consumer product and have some really clever potential applications into entertainment marketing . . . and now we have an example.

School of Rock must be listening to its tech-savvy cast of kids as they just released a 360 degree video allowing potential audience members to step into one of the songs from the show – ‘You’re in the Band’. Check out the video below:

This video gives YouTube watchers the opportunity to stand in the middle of the classroom as Dewey Finn crafts his band of minors around them. Guiding your smart phone or tablet around, you get to see the individual journey of each band member in this sneak peek within a classroom which looks pretty similar to the movie! Essentially, while watching ‘You’re in the Band’, viewers get to be in the band.

Not only is this a great interactive experience for potential audience members who might usually only see a quick press snippet from an open rehearsal without costumes before the show opens. It is also a great opportunity for some powerful media coverage. The musical is accessible (as EVERYONE has seen the original movie). The music could play on the radio. And the new use of technology provides the media hook that every news outlet is looking for.

And that’s why it has almost 700,000 views in under two days!

However, this number is only going to increase. The stories are still coming out with coverage in Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Reuters and even the ultimate rock publication Rolling Stone which will spread awareness and get word of mouth circulating this exciting new musical.

They aren’t going to have any trouble convincing potential audience members to get in the band and buy some tickets!