All Hallows Marketing Eve

Happy Halloween. Tonight is not only the night that ghouls, witches and members of The Addams Family return to the Earth, it is also the culmination of a number of seasonally creepy marketing campaigns. An opportunity for brands to show that they have a funny bone and can alter their product for this ghoulish holiday which is exactly what Uber has done for this Halloween.


When Uber first launched, it was assumed that the company was another competitor in the overcrowded transport industry joining taxis, hire cars, trains, trams, busses and anything else that can be used to get a person from A to B. But as time has progressed, Uber has begun to show its cards. It isn’t so much a transport company as it is a delivery company . . . and people are just one of the things that it can deliver.

Uber grabbed international headlines with its UberKittens publicity stunt delivering kittens to workplaces for 15 minute play sessions. Now it has taken on this creepy holiday as another opportunity for some publicity.

When it comes to Halloween, the one thing that we all struggle to do is get a costume in time! We have all been at that point where it is too late to order anything online, the costume that we have bought doesn’t fit or we have simply changed our mind about how funny we thought the costume was originally. Well, the people of Chicago can save their fear for the ghosts because Uber has teamed up with Snickers to create UberCostumes.

There’s no trick with this treat. Halloween-goers who left their costume decision to the last minute can simple order one for free via the Uber app and a specially designated Uber will deliver it straight to your door (for a small $5 delivery fee). And to continue developing the brand connection Snickers is hoping for, each costumer comes with a specially branded Snickers bar with the name of the costume.

Uber aren’t alone in using this holiday for publicity purposes. Companies across the world will be finding ways to incorporate a spooky element into their branding for this weekend because, after all, it is a great opportunity to get people talking about your brand in a new and refreshing way!