Two Blockbusters are Better than One

Cameron Mackintosh has a big presence on the West End at the moment with both of his blockbuster hits Miss Saigon and Les Miserables taking up residence in London. But even for big blockbusters, the colder months face a daunting challenge. Especially when your country is renowned for their White Christmas!

West End Blockbusters

So how are these two mega-hits looking to get through this period? By teaming up!

The one thing that will get audiences trudging through the snow is great word of mouth. If the end of this difficult journey will present your audience with a theatrical experience they simply cannot miss then they will brave the cold to get there. That is why Book of Mormon remains full. The word of mouth is so positive around this show that audiences simply do not want to miss out! So Miss Saigon and Les Miserables are teaming up to get the lion’s share of this word of mouth.

Over the winter months they are offering a joint ticket to both of these blockbusters at a special joint rate of £75 – which is only a couple of pounds above what you would pay for a single ticket to either of the legendary shows. They aren’t offering the best seats in the house, but then the younger generations can’t afford those seats.

But why are they aiming for these younger generations? Surely, it would be more lucrative to speak to wealthier audiences!

When it comes to word of mouth, there is no substitute for these younger generations. Where wealthier audiences might tell their immediate friends or families about the show and how much they need to go, they have nowhere near the reach of the social media generation. These audiences are telling ALL their friends (and many virtual friends) about their great experience as well as keying into digital marketing campaigns with hashtags and tagging which provides reassurance for any future ticket buyers who check out the show’s social media footprint before buying tickets. This is the audience that you want speaking about you.

(And the extra value they received from this heavily discounted offer will certainly make the experiences seem even better because of the lower costs associated with them. This means incredibly positive word of mouth!)

All entertainment industries have yearly peaks and troughs. But if you have a product that delivers an experience well above the associated costs of its ticket price and are able to get the right people talking about it, then you won’t need to worry too much about filling those seats.