Taking A New Perspective

One of the great things about theatre is that some of the best plays and musicals can project a completely different meaning when a director makes one simple change. It could be a new location. The action could be moved to a different time. Or you make a significant change to the performers – which is exactly what this White Ribbon fundraiser performance of 12 Angry Men has done.

12 Angry Men

The classic play 12 Angry Men depicts a jury forced to come to a unanimous decision in a homicide trial. Although the group is almost at a unanimously guilty verdict at the beginning of the play, a single dissenter manages to plant a seed of reasonable doubt which leads to an exploration of the different reasons the jurors have for discriminating against the accused including race, background and personal experience.

However, to raise money for White Ribbon, Kate Whitbread, Helen Ellis and Aleks Vass have taken a new angle on this well-known drama. This project began when the three creatives came across the story of Rachel Moore who experienced a terrifying case of domestic violence resulting in her own sons tackling their father to save their mother’s life after she had been shot. Teaming up with White Ribbon, which aims to help men become more aware and speak out against domestic violence, they will be presenting a simple twist on 12 Angry Men to raise money for this charity and Rachael Moore.

The twist? Rather than twelve angry men, the play will be led by twelve angry women!

This fundraiser has lined up an A-list of talented Australian stars, including Pia Miranda, Noelene Brown, Robyn Arthur and Jane Allsop, all of whom have donated their time to raise money for this incredible cause.

12 Angry Men will be playing at the Alex Theatre in St. Kilda on the 27th and 28th of November at 7.30pm. For tickets and more information, visit www.alextheatrestk.com