Broadway Is Reaching Its Long Legs Through The Internet

Go to any cinema and they will be flouting their exciting program of live works. It could be a play that was filmed at London’s National Theatre. It could be a beautiful ballet recorded in one of the world’s best concert halls. Or it could even be a musical from one of the world’s two iconic theatre districts. But what if you didn’t need to leave your home to enjoy these international performances? Off-Broadway acclaimed new musical Daddy Long Legs will make this a reality!

Daddy Long Legs

As much as we all say how much we enjoy going out, we all actually love to stay at home. That is why there has been such an enormous take-up of stay-at-home services in the last few years. From ASOS removing the need to leave the house to buy clothes to Amazon keeping people indoors when they shop for pretty much anything else. Home delivery services taking off from Woolworths and Coles to Netflix getting rid of any desire to go to a video shop. We love to stay at home and that is one trait that many products and services are targeting. But not theatre . . .

Theatre has, for an incredibly long time, been about prestige. It wasn’t any old activity. Part of the fun was parading up and down the main street and being SEEN to be going to the theatre. And this is a tradition that the industry has held onto. With the odd exceptional show that has released a DVD while still playing, in order to see a currently playing production you must leave the comfort of your house and visit the theatre. Until now . . .

Daddy Long Legs, the musical adaptation of Jean Webster’s 1912 book currently playing off-Broadway, will be reaching its long legs around the world on December 10th with a series of live streams tailored to different time zones. There is a live streaming time for New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo where the production will be available to watch for free from anywhere in the world.

This is a first for off-Broadway. This is a first for Broadway. In fact, as far as I am aware this is a first for the theatre medium and a lot of other entertainment products – except live music performances. And it is incredibly exciting because these kinds of changes will continue to keep theatre relevant into the future.

Will it stop anyone going to the show in the future? Definitely not. It is a limited commodity only available at the time it is streamed. You can’t go back next time you feel like enjoying that experience again and watch the whole show. If you fall in love with it and want to see it again then you will have to purchase a ticket.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

I would imagine that the majority of audiences who will watch this show will be far outside the Broadway region. So it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect them to turn up to the theatre and watch the show – but due to this live streaming they will now have the opportunity to engage with it. If they love the songs then they will search out the fantastic cast recording on iTunes. If they love the show, they might encourage their local theatre group to put it on next season. And if they do end up in New York and don’t want to gamble a whole pile of money on a risky theatrical option then they may turn up on the doorstep to the Davenport Theatre and buy themselves a couple of tickets to see it again.

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