Experience the Centre of the Action

With the exception of severe introverts, there is a little bit of every audience member who wants to be acting on the stage, performing on the screen or rocking out in the arena in the show they are watching. That element in all of us that wants to stand in front of an audience belting out the 11 o’clock number. So why not give your audiences a bit of virtual perspective?

Paris Opera House

Google is a pretty phenomenal powerhouse when it comes to the customer experience. Their mapping service has changed the way that we find directions from searching for a suitable route in the Melways to being given the most efficient route and the ability to Street View your destination. But their Street View is now refusing to stop at the street.

Many businesses are getting on board this pervasive new layer of Street View which allows users to travel off the street into cafés, parks, remote nature walks . . . and now theatres. New York’s Gershwin Theatre – home to the blockbuster musical Wicked – was one of the first theatres to jump on this bandwagon allowing viewers to travel through their foyers and seating with a couple of musical themed Easter Eggs along the way. But the experience that they provided was exactly the same as any visitor to this Broadway theatre. What if they went a step further?

The Opera House in Paris has done exactly that. This real-life setting of The Phantom of the Opera has opened its stage up to any interested onlookers who can now take a virtual tour through their stalls and onto the gigantic stage. You can even look up to the enormous chandelier which forms a quintessential part of the famous musical without fear that mysterious forces might cause it to fall onto the stage.

It isn’t quite the same as being at the Opera House in person, but it certainly gives the audience a different perspective – one that they are most likely craving to experience. Would it stop me going on a tour? No. But it would certainly make me want to book into one to experience it in real life!

But the Paris Opera House stage is just the start. Google’s Cultural Institute will have you experiencing some of the finest musical venues (some even mid-performance) in 360 degrees moveable action. Experience digital performances like never before here: https://performingarts.withgoogle.com/en_us