Beating Your Competitors with George Costanza

Whatever you are selling, you are going to have competitors. iTunes competes with streaming services. Television competes with piracy. Even theatre has a whole raft of potential competitors in the sports, festivals and live entertainment industry. So how do you stand out amongst the crowd of similar offers? It all comes back to the experience . . .


Melbourne has a big bar culture. Majority of these places will sell the same drinks. Offer the same opportunities to sit or stand. And essentially provide the same service or quenching thirst and catching up with friends. Yet, there are still so many bars all over the city that people continue to explore. Why? Because they offer a different experience.

That’s all you need to set yourself apart from your competitors. A different (and better) experience. And that is exactly what Fitzroy’s latest bar is providing!

George’s Bar isn’t named after the first president of America. Nor is it named after the international pop star. It is named after the famously neurotic and socially awkward George Costanza from 90’s sitcom Seinfeld and filled with autographed pictures, walls emblazoned with his famous quotes and is soon to feature a Frogger machine.

But surely it is madness to open another bar in Melbourne’s inner city. Even another bar in Fitzroy. How will it find any patrons amongst all the regular watering holes which already crowd that suburb of Melbourne? Its menu doesn’t feature anything substantially different to any of its competitors. It service is still serving drinks and limited food to patrons like everyone else. But it features a completely different experience – and one which strongly resonates with customers!

There aren’t any other bars in Fitzroy, Melbourne or even the world that are dedicated to this popular American sitcom character. And people’s connection to this subject matter is just as strong as it ever was with reruns playing constantly on Australian television and Seinfeld references still pervading every workplace in the country. So while they might not be offering a different service, they ARE offering a different experience. An experience which people cannot get anywhere else.

This is the reason why Melbourne’s bar culture continues. Each new bar which pops-up contains a new and exciting experience. No longer are we attending bars just to get a drink or catch up with friends. We are, in essence, experience collectors. And, apparently in Melbourne, we love Seinfeld experiences even more!

So while you may not be the only person who is providing a certain service, think about what surrounds your audience when they consume it. How can you make that experience better than anything your competitors are offering? Something which plays on audience’s curiosities and draws them inside? Because it is that unbeatable experience which will make sure you beat your competitors every time!