Nerds Are Bringing Technology To Broadway

Nerds have been behind some of the most impressive technological advancements throughout history. From the Mac to be iPhone. From Microsoft to the World Wide Web. And now they have set their sights on the theatre in a fittingly titled musical Nerds.


Before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs led their own multi-billion dollar tech companies, they were nerds with a radical idea. Working out of their basements they were able to turn these ideas into some of the most sort after consumer technology in the world. This is the premise for the new musical Nerds which has just booked a Spring opening in Broadway’s Longacre Theatre.

But this production won’t just feature nerds onstage. It is led by an entire production team of nerds . . . And this is exciting!

As is fitting for a production about nerds, this show will be the most technologically progressive show that the theatre world has ever seen. It will feature on-stage holograms, projection mapping and app integration as part of the performance.

While the on-stage technology aspect is interesting and adds to this idea of theatre spectacle sure to create word of mouth, it is the app integration which is the most innovative. There are very little details released about the show at this stage, but from what can be gleaned from the production notes, this app integration will allow audiences to interact with the set, interact with other audience members in the theatre, choose the show’s ending and many more features yet to be announced.

Theatre is moving into the technological age!

From the sounds of it, this app integration will all take place before the show and during interval, but it is still an amazing step in the right direction for the future of this traditional art form and only a matter of time before it bleeds into the show. Well done Nerds on pioneering this idea and hopefully it turns out to be as gloriously successful as Apple with customers queuing up to give you all their money.