A Public Pledge of Allegiance

There’s nothing that keeps audiences enthralled in entertainment quite like a divisive relationship. One which divides audiences to one side or another. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Are you supporting the Victorian renovation team or the New South Wales team? It creates a meaningful relationship between an audience and the show encouraging viewers to keep tuning in to show their support. So how do you turn that into a promotional tool?

Game of Thrones Allegiance

Television monolith, Game of Thrones, is one of those shows. The House of Lannister, the House of Stark and the House of Targaryen divide their audiences and call for their support to keep them tuning in next week. And these bonds create passionate viewers and these are the viewers that you want to promote to brand ambassadors. Well, Game of Thrones has come up with a way!

The sixth season of this show is hotly anticipated in the television universe with long-time viewers desperate to find out if the series’ most famous character, Jon Snow, lives or dies. So would you like a sneak peek? Of course audiences want a sneak peek!

Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not, everybody understands the desire to get ahead of the curve. Find out some crucial fact before anyone else does. Get a glimpse into the future ahead of all your friends. And this is the feeling which the popular television show is targeting to turn interested viewers into brand ambassadors.

If you want a sneak peek, all you need to do is tweet your support to #HouseLannister, #HouseStark or #HouseTargaryen and mention the Game of Thrones twitter page (@GameofThrones). Immediately you will receive a themed video tweeted back in response with a small clue about what lies ahead for your favourite House.

Okay, so this video doesn’t reveal anything crucial for the next season, but it begins a conversation that this brand will have with fans in the lead up to its April 25th season release. It also begins these fans talking amongst themselves, building speculation and hypothesising what lies ahead for their favourite characters. And you can bet money that this is only the first of many interactive strategies the Game of Thrones brand will be using to increase chatter over the next four months!

But there’s no need for this interactive marketing strategy to stop at Game of Thrones. The genius of this strategy lies in engaging fans in conversation. They have to publicly post about the show which then hopefully encourages their friends to either start discussions in support of their decision, or (even more powerfully) begin a debate about why another option is better leading to community discussions and chatter around the entertainment offering.

This is something that can easily be rolled out across any entertainment medium. Every offer has a contingent of fans that need to know more. And if you get them to start publicly engaging about their passion, then many of their friends will start to wonder why they love it so much leading to conversions from non-users as well as generating powerful discussions online.

What will Game of Thrones do next?