An Experience to Remember

There is one downside to live entertainment experiences. They are intangible. Unlike spending your money shopping, after an amazing experience you often walk away with internal changes yet empty handed. I think this is something that we need to change and, it appears, so does Grammy-award winner Prince.

Prince 2

Audiences love to walk away with something tangible. It means that there is a catalyst for reliving your amazing experience and you walk away with a physical piece of justification for the large sum of money you spent. Hence, why people collect ticket stubs. But the digital era is slowly removing this paper collateral and looking at the ticket on your computer doesn’t quite hold the same meaning . . .

So what is the future of this experiential industry?

Give your audience something to remember you by. A mantra which Prince has been living at his recent Melbourne concerts which sold out in ten minutes flat!

To celebrate his ‘Piano & A Microphone’ tour, Prince is releasing a new CD in Australia & New Zealand. Hit n Run – Phase 2. Only available at JB Hi Fi, this CD will hit the shelves on March 2nd. Unless you bought a ticket to his concert!

Every audience member at his concerts this week at the State Theatre walked out with a life changing experience watching this musical legend perform live as well as this new CD. Something to remember him by.

This is pure marketing genius. Every person in that auditorium is a Prince fanatic. They were sitting on the Arts Centre Melbourne and Ticketmaster website refreshing their pages over and over again until they manage to secure one of those coveted seats. An action which separates the true fans from the Prince enthusiasts. But more than just separating these dedicated audience members, it also gets all your strongest advocates in a room together giving you the opportunity to spread the word about Prince’s amazing performance and bring more people into the fray. And each of these audience members now has physical evidence to pass on to their friends.

‘What? You weren’t sure whether Prince was worth the ticket price? You have to hear this new CD!’

Every audience member has been armed with the power to spread the music of Prince and extend his fan base. Genius. And all it cost was a minute portion of the incredibly expensive ticket price!

The experience economy is only growing. Every day, people are spending more of their money on experiences rather than products. But a fantastic experience alone doesn’t guarantee they will come back with their friends. Give them something which will remind them of their great experience and make their friends jealous that they missed out.