Embracing Your Fifteen Minutes

Two of the world’s most influential celebrities, Adele and Ellen DeGeneres, played a little prank on Jamba Juice this week. The video went viral prompting a huge amount of press coverage, over seven million video views and placed Jamba Juice’s brand in front of millions of receptive viewers. So what to do next? Do you just rest on your laurels? No. The hard work has only just begun . . .

Ellen Adele

Ellen is renowned for funny pranks on her daily television show. But the funniest prank in her repertoire has to be when she sends a celebrity into a shop and then dictates everything that they must say and do in front of some very confused sales assistants. The most recent incarnation of this prank involved sending Grammy Award Winner Adele into Jamba Juice while Ellen instructed her to say and do some incredibly crazy things. Haven’t seen the video?


Adele was instructed to pull scissors out of her handbag, cut off some wheatgrass and then eat it in front of the cash register. Question whether she should have to pay for a drink as she was a ‘real’ celebrity. And request an alcoholic addition to her juice. But the action with most meaning to Jamba Juice was her opening remarks about the fictional British alternative Swishy Chug and their great potato and beetroot smoothies.

It would have been easy for Jamba Juice to simply bask in this additional media attention as more people considered going to their stores – just like Adele! But while that would have attracted more customers, it was not the way to get the most out of this promotional opportunity. To get the most value, they needed to own the situation which is exactly what they did.

Why don’t you head to www.swishychug.com and take a look?

Overnight, Jamba Juice created a new website for the fictional British juice brand Swishy Chug. They made a Big Ben-inspired brand, a catchphrase ‘Move over tea & crumpets. England has a new national favourite’ and even a slogan ‘All Hail the Queen’. As well as naming the Rolling in the Beets smoothie and creating an instructional video on this new menu option.

That is a great way to engage your increasingly interested customers, but how do you convert that into store visitation? Offer a click through to a special offer . . . $2 off any Jamba Juice, Smoothie, Energy Drink or Oatmeal. Because while Swishy Chug may not be real, the fruit, veggies and fruit juices in every Jamba Juice smoothie and juice are as real as they come.

And then they got in the headlines all over again and even back on Ellen.

Every company gets their fifteen minutes of fame at some point, but it isn’t purely an opportunity to enjoy the attention. How can you turn your fifteen seconds into fifteen hours, fifteen days or even fifteen weeks!