When Musicals Come True . . .

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, if that is the case, then achieving imitation should be a sign that you have created an incredibly successful entertainment property. It means that your piece of entertainment is so resonant, so relevant and so recognisable that it has created a special place in the minds of your audience. Something which The Producers has – again – achieved this week!

The Producers

This week saw one of the most acclaimed Broadway comedy duos team up again for a story that was eerily similar to their original. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane who led the Broadway production, and later the movie version, of The Producers reunited on the Jimmy Kimmel Show this week to create a trailer for a new movie musical. Trumped.

This comedy skit highlights the scary similarities between the story of The Producers and the Donald Trump election campaign. Step One, we find the worst candidate in town. Step Two, we dramatically over promise to the backers. Step Three, we raise a whole pile of money from old rich women. And then when it all fails we are left with pure profit. Much like the intention of this pair in The Producers where they produce a musical about the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany which turns out to be an incredibly-unanticipated hit!

Sure, it is not the truth, but it certainly feels like it could be. But that is beyond the point.

When it comes to marketing musicals, The Producers has its own never-ending marketing machine built into the show. The story is so ridiculous. The jokes are so timeless. And the show is so well known allowing the material to be drawn upon and reshaped for comedic satire. This, in turn, regenerates interest in the comedy stylings of Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. Which, in turn, reminds people about The Producers. And then contributes to the increased societal knowledge of the show making it a popular option for satire in the future. Thus the cycle begins again.

Mel Brooks just created his own never ending marketing machine. And that is how you know you have created a successful piece of entertainment!