The Element of Surprise!

Nothing promotes word of mouth better than a puzzle. Leaving out a crucial piece of information leads hardcore fans to begin hypothesising and encourages huge amounts of discussion both online and in real life . . . which is exactly what Eurovision has been doing this week!


Tonight marks the night when Australia discovers who will be representing this island nation in the 2016 Eurovision competition. Will it be Delta Goodrem? Shannon Noll? Rob Mills? Dami Im? The lucky performer will be announced during Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s performance with Conchita Wurst on the stage of the Sydney Opera House before they get the opportunity to perform live before the crowd.

Exciting, isn’t it! But it is exciting because we don’t know who it is.

This puzzle has fuelled speculation across the internet as every iconic Australian performer has come under the spotlight of suspicion. And this has resulted in a huge amount of chatter around the upcoming Eurovision contest raising awareness throughout Australia. It’s the kind of publicity money cannot buy!

But it isn’t all innocent. SBS has been helping this speculation along. Over the last few days they have released a number of clues via their Twitter page from the representing performer’s daily life. There are reminders to practice, calming moments enjoying a tea, listening to previous representative Guy Sebastian’s performance and even researching this year’s host city, Stockholm. Ultimately encouraging online engagers to continue the conversation with their own networks and pique the interest of an ever-growing body of Australian Eurovision fans.

Which leads to the question . . . How can you tease out an exciting announcement? Can you give away hints like the Eurovision team? Do you encourage your fan base to theorise with a prize for the first person to guess properly? Whatever you are announcing, you need to get people talking about you. And if they are desperate to cover your uncover your special announcement, then chances are they will be a good influencer amongst their friends and family to convert more people into Eurovision fans!