Are You Newsworthy?

How do you consume news? Do you read a newspaper? Watch the nightly 6.30 update? Log onto Times are a changing and there has been a big shift in news. No longer do they sit back and provide the news-worthy experience, now consumers wait for the news to come to them.


Social media and news are fast becoming one and the same. Facebook is closely integrating with content creators. Twitter has introduced the new Moments tab. Snapchat is providing a more organisation-focussed aspect of their service. And a customised news feed is now even embedded into smart phones through the News app.

Yet we, as consumers, are not overloaded with news. Why?


The great advantage of these technological advances in social media is that they are storing information about which links we click on, which posts we scroll past, what we like to engage with and what we choose to hide or ignore. While some may be scared of all this data, it has actually assisted us to function in the increasingly saturated, information overload environment.

Snapchat allows us to pick and choose the news organisations we follow. Twitter customises its moments to the individual audience member based on who you follow and where you are located in the world. Facebook chooses to only show you articles that it thinks you will want to see – thus creating a much more efficient customer experience and ensuring that you return when you next need another news fix. These customised news channels are ultimately delivering us the individual experience we desire during a time when the sheer volume of content is overwhelming.

So when you are trying to gain cut through, what does that mean for your brand?

  1. Publicity is everything

If you want your audience to see your product or service then you need to shape it in a manner which enthrals them. There needs to be a clear value proposition and it needs to fit in with their online habits.

  1. Bring the mountain to Mohammad

Knowledge about your customer has never been more important. How do they find out about the latest trends? Which influencers talk to this group of people? And what channels do they actively engage with?

  1. The Neverending Content Stream

These social media outlets reward people who use their services. If you create a continuous stream of engaging content, then you are much more likely to get an invisible, digital helping hand as opposed to those organisations that only create content when they have something to sell.

The customer has never been more important. And now, not only do you have to create content that will engage them, you also have to create content which will pass through the numerous gate keepers standing in between the two of you. Understand your gatekeepers and understand your customer. Those are the new digital keys to success.