Music Videos are so 2015

What does a successful pop star look like in 2016? In the age of interactive social media, it takes more than simply releasing a new single or album to get the attention of your fans. We are bombarded with too much amazing content to process so we only sift through the most important and engaging competitors. So how do you get into this upper echelon?

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem released a new single last week. I use the term ‘released’ lightly because it isn’t actually available for purchase yet. That next stage happens on May 6th. This new song was released to the radio to create an exclusive, competitor-free relationship with Delta Goodrem fans.

Five years ago, this would have been enough to keep fans enthralled for the May 6th release. But social media has changed this. New content disappears so quickly through your newsfeed and users are bombarded with a hundred new and shiny pieces of information to pay attention to each time they log on. However, while social media may be the cause of these short attention spans, it also provides the solution . . . you just have to play on their terms.

Delta broke new ground for her personal brand last night creating her first Facebook Live stream to show off an acoustic version of her new song Dear Life. And it has certainly paid off reaching over 228,000 viewers in 24 hours who will hopefully convert into purchasers of this unreleased song.

More engaging than simply releasing a music video on YouTube, using this platform allows the artist to directly interact with their followers who get an automatic notification when they begin live streaming. They can respond to real-time comments. Call for suggestions from their audience. And give a much more unique, real and relatable experience which is the key to standing out from the crowd in the highly personalised and customisable world in which we live.

But Delta isn’t the only artist using this platform to activate her fan base. Post Modern Jukebox are making the most of these live interactions broadcasting live segments from their concerts to bring their fans from across the world into their live shows and interacting with them through live mashups.

For those of you who don’t know, Post Modern Jukebox is essentially a cover band. Except rather than simply jumping on the YouTube cover bandwagon, these clever guys have found a way to provided added value. They reinterpret some of today’s hottest songs in a historical style from 1920s Jazz to 1960s Doo-Wop. And now they are coming back to the future with Facebook Live.

If you follow their page and updates, then you will get a notification every few days that they are doing another live stream. When not live streaming a concert performance, the mastermind behind the Post Modern Jukebox brand, pianist Scott Bradlee, takes requests to reimagine songs live from Facebook suggestions. This not only gives audiences an incentive to watch this amazing skill but also to participate and become a walking and talking brand ambassador when their song gets picked. ‘Did you see Post Modern Jukebox’s last live stream? They picked my song!’. ‘You have to subscribe to Post Modern Jukebox. They have such great taste in music that they played one of my suggestions.’

Nothing mobilises fans more than an interactive experience and that is exactly what social media allows celebrities to create.