Getting More Views For Drake

Remember those cardboard cut outs of the early 00s? You couldn’t go to any promotional event without the opportunity to replace to snap a photo of your face on someone else’s body. While some companies still try and hold onto this well-outdated marketing opportunity, Drake has taken this idea into the digital age.

Instagram Drake

I may not be the biggest fan of Drake. In fact, I am pretty certain that I have never listened to the entirety of one of his songs. Yet I know that he dropped a new album, I know that it was called Views and I know the cover artwork (and I’m not even a fan of his music). How?

The idea behind these ‘face-in-a-hole’ boards is that people snap a photo with their face on some else’s body and then use the power of social media to share this throughout their friends and family bringing a significant amount of brand awareness alongside. But does it really work? Does anyone actually share these photos online?

The short answer . . . no.

The average person’s social media feed cannot be purchased by advertisers with a simple ‘face-in-the-hole’ board. We all take great care to curate our online persona, carefully select what we share and create a marketable brand image for ourselves . . . even if we aren’t trying. As a result, we don’t want to bombard our followers with dorky, passé images that won’t gain lots of online love and interest new followers. We carefully choose them based on what has performed well in the past (even the non-marketers!).

So how do you get your online audiences talking about your brand and spreading this brand awareness? You give them an opportunity to engage which they can work into their online brand identity.

Enter Drake.

Drake’s latest album cover for Views has been designed along the same lines as that infamous Straight Outta Compton customisable cover. The official album cover features Drake sitting on top of  CN Tower in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean it is the only place that Drake sits.

An online album cover generator has been created by Drake’s team which allows you to upload any photos and perch a miniature Drake on top of a finger, ledge or even a kayak ultimately creating your own Views cover and adding a little bit of Drake into your everyday life. And it will even help you to share it!

This modern interpretation of the ‘face-in-the-hole’ board is much more shareable, much more interactive and much less staged (which is the natural enemy of Instagram). So can you do something similar with your brand?