Taking Your Show On The Road . . . Literally

No matter whether you are marketing a musical, a film, a new album or even a brand of detergent, there is one thing that all brands need to do. Live Your Product. Every interaction a customer has with a brand should further their associations and link in with the core product that is being presented. And Waitress is really taking this to heart in its latest marketing activity.

Waitress Food Truck

Waitress is a new musical version of the cult 2007 Adrienne Shelly film featuring a score by pop sensation Sara Bareilles and telling the story of Jenna, a waitress meandering bad relationships in a small town. But the saving grace of her job is the creativity she gets to exhibit with her pies that reflect what she is going through in her own life. And these pies have been a big selling point for the show . . . so why not sell them?

Waitress has partnered up with Broadway.com to bring pies to the people of New York from a specially branded Waitress food truck. Staffed by Waitress promo reps and some cast members, this truck will be making its way around New York selling pies as well as tickets (plus, you get a free piece of pie with each ticket purchase!).

This is the perfect example of living your brand. While the audience are purchasing an entertainment product, they are actually stepping into Jenna’s world surrounded by her life’s troubles and her pies and this promotional strategy only continues that suspension of disbelief for potential audience members in their everyday life (and making the Waitress story seem a little more real and relatable).

Congrats Waitress on this fantastic marketing strategy!