May The Brand Fit Be With You

When choosing publicity and marketing options, looking at the audience is incredibly important, but for those messages to have any resonance they must have ‘brand fit’. And when it comes to funny stories happening in cars, no brand has a stronger brand fit than James Corden and The Late Late Show!

Chewbacca Mom

James Corden has brought The Late Late Show out of the dark. Well, not literally, it still airs in the very late hours of the night. But he has brought the brand out of the dark with a number of very cleverly created and crafted YouTube videos – the most popular of which is Carpool Karaoke.

Putting celebrities in cars for interviews has been trialled before. Karaoke is nothing new. But suddenly The Late Late Show is making headlines, social media feeds and breaking online records by combining these two seemingly unrelated concepts. Yet, this influence isn’t just due to the big name celebrities he has managed to take for a ride. It is also due to a number of clever, and unexpected, brand associations which keep this hilarious YouTube series front of mind.

Enter ‘Chewbacca Mom’.

The internet almost broke this week when one woman streamed a Facebook Live video of herself in hysterics wearing a Chewbacca mask in her car. The video of the recently-dubbed Chewbacca Mom has since reached over 140 million views in a matter of days.

Thinking about brand fit, the immediate thought would be the Star Wars brand. Chewbacca is, of course, one of the major characters from the franchise and this endearing video furthers the emotional relationship between audiences and the large wookie which the Star Wars franchise will be looking to leverage as we move closer to December. But the Star Wars channels aren’t necessarily the best place to spread word about this video. Why? Because Star Wars isn’t a comedic brand.

But when it comes to brand fit, maybe there is someone better than Star Wars. I know, it’s hard to believe. This ultimate brand alignment matches the comedic elements, also takes place in a car and is the perfect platform to create more engaging content surrounding this video such as take offs and interviews. That’s right . . . James Corden and his association with Carpool Karaoke which already has an interested audience both on television and hungry for viral video content online!

Never fear, the Star Wars association isn’t gone – and nor should it be. It’s just taking second place to a more powerful media force.