Championing Your Cause

Marketing can make you popular, but it cannot make you influential. If you want to become influential, you need to truly live your entertainment message rather than simply try to sell it. A strategy which Kinky Boots knows well!

Just Pee

Kinky Boots has done a lot for the theatre world bringing the star-cast Cyndi Lauper’s composition to the stage and letting the fierce Billy Porter free on Broadway eight times a week for his long run as Lola. But it has also done a lot for the broader community not only tapping into LGBT+ communities to fill the theatre, but also using its powerful position to champion rights, awareness and acceptance.

Every country which hosts this pop-themed musical continues the #JustBe campaign. Based on one of the show’s mantras, Just Be Who You Want To Be, local celebrities get involved in a photo shoot wearing the brand’s iconic red knee-high boots to champion diversity, LGBT+ rights, mental health and a myriad of other important topics dealt with in the musical. This campaign has helped increase this show’s popularity and the show’s popularity has similarly helped further this important campaign.

But Kinky Boots has a deeper involvement in these issues than only the #JustBe campaign. In the wake of the transgender bathroom issues, the show has used its influential (and relevant) position to comment on the saga and try to bring about social change on this issue in the same humorous way of the show. Using one of the show’s anthems ‘Just Be’, this celebratory song has been rewritten as ‘Just Pee’ gaining great coverage across the media and adding a humorous, accessible voice to the debate. Check it out for yourself below: