Letting The Fans In . . . The Front Door

People no longer have an idea of private space. That is the one thing that social media has created above all else, an insatiable curiosity about what people get up to when we can’t see them. Facebook allows us an insight into their likes and interests. Twitter lets us get in their heads. And Instagram shows us what they are seeing. But why stop there . . .


Sutton Foster is creating an incredible personal brand. She has appeared across the United States in the recent show Bunheads and is slated to appear in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. Meanwhile, she has also commandeered Broadway with star turns as Princess Fiona in Shrek: the Musical, Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes and most recently helming the new Broadway production of Violet. Plus released a couple of albums, solo shows and is currently starring in the hit TV show Younger alongside Hilary Duff. All this exposure in successful and starring roles is building her influence across a number of different demographics.

But how do you keep this influence?

Essentially, you need to build up a personal connection with these fans so that they feel more like valued friends rather than obsessed onlookers. (Exactly what has made Taylor Swift’s personal brand so powerful!).

In addition to her enviable social media presence (of 183,000 Instagram followers alone), Sutton has recently teamed up with People magazine to give her followers an insight into her home, the art that she collects and the meaningful stories behind some of her possessions.

Some may say this is creepy . . . but, due to the success of shows such as MTV Cribs, nowadays it is a great way to give your followers the opportunity to learn a little bit more about you and build up that personal connection – because what is more personal than actually showing someone your bedroom?

Click here to check it out and then see if you don’t feel a little bit more connected to this television and theatre star. Then ask yourself, how can I help my followers build such a personal connection with me? . . . because it is much easier to get a friend through the door of your next show than a stranger!