A Bit Of Humour Can Go A Long Way!

Customers don’t respond to seriousness. Every brand needs an element of seriousness to convince audiences that they should be taken seriously, but too much can be detrimental and leave customers behind. Great brands know when to embrace a bit of fun, lighten the mood and create some viral content . . . and Pokémon Go has been a great opportunity for brands to do exactly that!

With the odd exception, viral, behaviour-changing content isn’t serious. Why? Because comedy resonates with people more than drama. Is it easier to remember jokes from the last comedy festival show you saw or dramatic lines from your last Shakespeare show? It’s easier to remember the comedy show isn’t it!

As a result, brands need to take action when it comes time to embrace some levity, and Pokémon Go has provided the perfect opportunity as this phenomenon has taken over social media due to aspiring Pokémon Masters and eternal Pokémon haters.

Not sure how to do it? Here are two great examples from around the world this week which have reached virality . . .


Food isn’t only crucial to humans. All animals and even Pokémon rely on it to keep their energy levels up. So it is hardly surprising that there have been Pokémon sightings in Woolworth stores across the country. What began as a couple of comedic customers posting photos of Krabby-infested stores or issues with wild Pidgeys amongst the berries led to an incredible series of Pokémon related posts alerting customers to potentially dangerous stores and advantages locations to find highly prized Pokémon. Click here to check out some of the comments!

Pokemon Go 1

We've had several reports from customers around the country of wild Pokémon appearing in our stores. Here are some tips to catch ’em all…
1. We hear that Pikachu has been seen near batteries, lightbulbs and power boards.
2. Don’t confuse ‘Oddish’ for ‘Radish’. One goes great in a salad, the other not so much.
3. If you see a Zubat, ignore it. You can find them everywhere.

Posted by Woolworths on Thursday, 7 July 2016

Manchester NH Police

Pokémon isn’t all good news. The wide-spread availability of prized and highly-sought-after Pokémon cannot happen without a few rogue members of Team Rocket lingering around. Manchester NH Police Department decided to take advantage of this fan-fuelled craze to try and track down some of the elusive criminals advertising that there had been an incredibly rare Charizard sighting in their booking area. But, of course, the booking area is only so big and only so many people can fit in there at once. So to make things easier, only a few players were invited into the station to hunt down this Pokémon. (The fact that they were also on the UK’s Most Wanted list was pure coincidence . . . right?)

Click here to check it out.

Pokemon Go 2

Attention all area ‪#‎PokemonGo‬ players: we have recently found out that there is a ‪#‎Charizard‬ in our booking area. With the Charizard being such a rare character, we are only inviting a specific number of people. If your name appears on the following list you are one of the lucky ones. Come down to the station to capture Charizard. Hurry before the Charizard leaves!

Posted by Manchester NH Police on Saturday, 16 July 2016