Why The Simpsons may decide the American election.

American elections are renowned for their celebrity endorsements. In fact, the recent Democratic and Republican Conventions were nothing but four nights of celebrity endorsements from official politicians and thought leaders to performers. But what about those cartoon influencers? Can they get in on the action?

The Simpsons

The Simpsons has long been an admired current affairs commentator. Responding quickly to important international and national events with irreverent humour creates an incredibly powerful thought influencer. They have even received a lot of publicity for pre-empting a Trump presidency. But this time they are using their powers for good on the upcoming American election . . . to support Hillary and convince many other Americans to follow suit.

Marge and Homer are sitting up in bed at night and, like most of the public when it comes to an election – especially if you live in Australia, are not sure which candidate to throw their support behind. So they turn on the television and watch an ad specifically designed to bring these two middle Americans around to vote for Hillary Clinton.

‘It’s 3am and the phone’s ringing in the White House’ intones an ominous voice. ‘Who would you want to answer that phone?’ The ad then continues to show two different alternatives. The prompt, efficient and ever-resourceful Hillary who takes the phone from her husband and immediately kicks into action. And then the less-hopeful Donald Trump. Initially he rejects the call because he is writing something defamatory on Twitter while reading ‘Great Speeches’ by A. Hitler before eventually finding out that there is an emergency and undergoing hours of preparation to look his best ultimately missing the impending crisis. His response? ‘Just build another wall! Yes, in the ocean, loser.’

Sure, these two situations are 100% fictional. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t incredibly powerful political commentary – after all, most politics is built on lies, is it not?

Being such a treasured national icon that has been a part of the American family (and many other international viewers) for so long, has given this piece of entertainment a lot of pull when it comes to changing the customer behaviour. And a stunt such as this will go a long way to converting a lot of voters currently sitting on the fence into Democrat supports.