Natural Enemies Make Great Social Content

I was working on an article about cast albums and ticket sales. Do they increase ticket sales due to increased knowledge about a show? Do they eat into ticket sales because audiences no longer feel the need to engage? But then the theatre Gods sent down a comedic content opportunity that is too good to miss – and still hasn’t been acted upon yet!

Cats Meme

CATS has prowled back onto Broadway. Armed with updated choreography from the man behind theatre’s mega-hit Hamilton and a pop-star leading lady, Leona Lewis, this revival has been receiving plenty of great press in the lead up to its return to the Great White Way.

But something disastrous has happened at the Neil Simon Theatre where these felines have taken over the stage. Something which has caused Wednesday’s performance to be cancelled (although it is expected that everything will be back in working order for Thursday night’s show!). So what happened . . .

The production’s Twitter sent out the following announcement: ‘Due to a water supply break, tonight’s Wednesday August 24th evening performance of #CatsBroadway has been cancelled. Crew are working hard to solve the issue and performances will resume tomorrow, 8/25. For refunds, please contact your point of purchase.’

Is it just me or is this social media account missing something?

Cats have already taken over the internet. From cute videos on YouTube to hilarious memes circulating Facebook, these feline friends have become the epitome of viral content. This year’s Melbourne White Night even had a dedicated film screening all night about hilarious cat videos.

But if there is one thing which terrifies cats more than cucumbers, it is water. The exact thing which has caused the cancellation of Wednesday’s production of CATS!

It’s time for to create your own viral video #CatsBroadway. Have your actors fleeing from the theatre. Have the human cats mesmerised by these internal leaks. You may have to cancel a show but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great PR from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

If you are in New York, make sure you check out this fantastic new production of the classic musical – trust me, you will never go back once you hear a pop star raise the roof with the musical theatre standard ‘Memory’.