This isn’t your standard Mixtape!

As if Hamilton needed any more help selling tickets . . .


Surely, by now, there are very few people left in America who don’t know about Hamilton. That insanely popular sell-out musical about America’s most overlooked founding father to a soundtrack of rap-infused Broadway tunes. The show has won endless Tony Awards. Made international news coverage. Took the billboard Rap Music Charts by storm. And is beginning to plan its global dominance as touring companies are preparing to roll out around the world.

But just in case you have been living under a rock for the last two years, Hamilton hasn’t forgotten about you . . .

Following the lead of Finding Neverland who released a concept album pre-Broadway featuring each of the show’s songs reimagined by a series of carefully selected performers, Hamilton is joining the club with the soon-to-be-released The Hamilton Mixtape featuring each of the monolith musical’s numbers reimagined by a list of famous pop and rap singers.

Amongst the enviable group of people joining this musical revolution are Sia, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Regina Spektor, Usher and a range of rap icons including Wiz Khalifa and Busta Rhymes – who inspired some of the songs in the original show.

Audiences already can’t get enough of Hamilton with a best-selling book following the Original Cast Recording, and this reimagined version of the show is sure to whip existing Hamil-heads into a frenzy.

But capitalising on this existing market isn’t the only reason these producers are taking on this new project . . .

Despite the wide coverage, incredible reviews and amazing word-of-mouth, there are still people out there who don’t believe that Hamilton is for them. I know, it’s surprising! Bringing in a group of famous performers with an incredible reach amongst their fans is a great way to reframe the show out of the concept of a musical and into something more palatable for the die-hard non-musical segment.

This isn’t so prevalent within the pop sector – I imagine the Kelly Clarkson fans who don’t like musicals are few and far between – but in the rap community, engaging these high profile performers is a great way to break down the barriers and get them through the doors of a musical on Broadway. An experience that these people have probably never had before!

Hear a sneak preview of Kelly Clarkson’s new version of ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ before the full album is released on December 2: