You CAN Stop The Beat

Hairspray is the one musical where you literally cannot stop the beat. Since the story first hit screens back in 1988 tackling divisive American segregation, it has been reimagined into a Broadway musical which has travelled the world several times over and now appears on many high school stages as well as a popular 2007 star-studded film. Now the beat is coming back to live television as NBC prepares to perform Hairspray Live with an equally star-studded cast next month. But in their latest attempt to garner some online publicity and create some hype around the show, Hairspray has stopped the beat.


What viral trend will the internet come up with next? If anyone knew the answer to that question, they could be very rich in the near future. But for the time being, it is the Mannequin challenge.

Causing people around the world to literally stop in their tracks, the latest viral video involves a group of people freezing in hilarious positions within everyday settings as a camera makes its way through office buildings, famous landmarks and now, the set of Hairspray Live.

The cast, crew and producers of Hairspray Live have jumped on this latest online bandwagon giving potential audiences around the world an exclusive preview of some of the set pieces for the highly anticipated television special. As well as a look at the cast preparing (albeit only one pose) for this live spectacle as they recreate their own Mannequin challenge – with a quick preview of one of the crowd-favourite number at the end.

The benefits of staying current are obvious. As people come across the strangely entertaining mannequin challenge, they discover that it is difficult to only consume one of them. If you find something that entertains you, surely you want to see it again. And on the internet you will find it replicated ad infinitum. Plus, you will also be more likely to click on another Mannequin challenge video you come across in your social media consumption.

And it has certainly worked for Hairspray Live.

Garnering over 700,000 views and over 3,000 shares on Facebook alone in 24 hours, it is clear to say that this short video is creating all the buzz that Hairspray is looking for as it closes in on the week before broadcast – it’s most important marketing period.