PARIS Full Cast Announced

When Jon English – one of Australia’s greatest performers – passed away in March last year, he was mid-way through planning for his beloved rock opera PARIS – A Rock Odyssey to return to the Australian stage. Paying homage to this incredible star, Music Theatre Melbourne and Stella Entertainment are bringing this production back to the stage for a strictly limited four performances from July 13-15 and have announced the full cast which will be bringing this show to life.

John Waters

John Waters as Ulysses, Ben Mingay as Achilles, The Whitlams’ Tim Freedman as Agamemnon and 80’s rock star Brian Mannix as Sinon will head the cast of leading Australian talent in this show co-written by Jon English. These leads will be accompanied by Matthew Manahan as Paris, Madeleine Featherby as Helen, Scott Johnson as Hector, Kerrie Anne Greenland as Cassandra, Mark Dickinson as Menelaus, Tod Strike as Patroclus, John O’May as Priam and Cameron MacDonald as Ajax alongside 34 talented local ensemble members.

Maintaining the link with the original creator, the PARIS band will also feature Jon English’s son, bass player Jonathan Sora-English.

PARIS is a love story drawn straight from the pages of Greek mythology. It follows the love affair which sparked the Trojan War which resulted in the fiendishly brilliant idea of creating a giant wooden horse full of warriors to finally infiltrate and raze the city of Troy. The story initially captured the imagination of a young Jonathan Sora-English when his father read him bedtime stories of Greek mythology which then encouraged Jon English to develop the story into a soundtrack before bringing it onto the theatrical stage.

“English was passionate about Stella’s first production of PARIS at Melbourne’s National Theatre in 2004. He was extraordinarily generous with his time and contribution to the cast” said Peter Fitzpatrick, Music Theatre Melbourne’s Creative Director.

“Jon English was a great deal of fun to know, and it’s a hell of a shame that he won’t get to see this production. We plan to do it justice.”

Directed by Neil Gooding and with musical direction by Isaac Hayward, this new production of PARIS will be re-mounted at the Melbourne Recital Centre for a limited series of four performances from July 13 to 15. For more information and to book tickets, visit