Making The Rules Up Again

Making the headlines used to be the sign that you had come up with a marketing strategy that was both controversial and actionable, but people don’t read the headlines anymore. Now you want… Continue reading

A Simple Subscription

Subscriptions snuck into our lives through the entertainment sector. They rose to prominance through the on-demand, original incarnation of Netflix where your selection of DVDs were delivered to your door whenever you wanted… Continue reading

You’ll Want To Run Away With The Circus

There is a reason that the circus has thrived for centuries. Showing off a series of unbelievable feats of strength, balance and coordination, performers have managed to wow audiences through the ages as… Continue reading

The Circus Has Come To Town

Circus 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus has opened in Melbourne as part of its world premiere Australian tour before transferring directly to Los Angeles and New York. Bringing together the team… Continue reading

Making it to the fourth second

Fun Fact . . . If the lifespan of the Earth was condensed into 24 hours, then the time that mankind has spent on this Earth represents only three seconds. But look at… Continue reading

One Big Step For Village Cinemas

Village Cinemas has ended the universal ban on mobile phones in movie cinemas. From last week, audiences in VPremium cinemas have been allowed to use their phones to order in-seat food and beverages.… Continue reading

When taking over Snapchat isn’t enough . . .

Facebook desperately wants to win social media. Having mastered the longer-form networking platform, it reached out and bought Instagram to begin playing in the incredibly short (but visual) marketplace. But that wasn’t enough.… Continue reading

The Ancient Secret to Success

Our society has been creating entertainment for millennia. From the Ancient Greeks who would enthrall audiences with their epic myths and dramatic plays to Shakespearean England where audiences flocked to see the latest… Continue reading

Melbourne will embrace the night once more!

White Night is returning for another year with a program featuring local, national and international artists. And for the first time it has grown so big it is expanding outside its urban Melbourne… Continue reading

The Play May Be Wrong, But The Casting Is Right!

When it comes to slapstick, it takes talent to make a scene go right. But it takes twice as much talent to make a show go wrong. And the stage will be full… Continue reading