Can you ever have too much of a good thing?

Off the back of the immensely popular and massively awarded movie, Cameron Mackintosh has announced the return of the musical that started this whole craze to Broadway, Les Miserables. Surprisingly, the Great White… Continue reading

Thank you, Come Again!

Commercial businesses that rely on repeat business from customers use a wide range of promotions and they all have one goal of getting more of the customer’s money. Theatre has long been seen… Continue reading

Using a big reveal to attract an audience!

In Australian theatre, cast recordings are often only used as a way to gain a little more money from people who have already bought a ticket. This stems from the main distribution channels… Continue reading

The curtain closes on another SMASH

It is always disappointing when the curtain comes down for a final time on a well-written and performed show. On Broadway, this feeling is always accompanied by the anticipation for the new show… Continue reading

What can Radiohead teach theatre?

Yesterday I had a look at how many songs should be released in the promotional period for a musical. So today I am going to look at what happens when you release the… Continue reading

There’s a fine line between sharing and over-sharing!

There is a fine line between sharing and over-sharing, especially in the context of television, radio and internet performances. You want to show enough to hook your audience and convince them to buy… Continue reading

Turning Employees into Walking Billboards

The advantages of turning your brand loyal fans into hard-core promoters has already been discussed on this blog, so I thought I would turn to the other important aspect of a theatre company… Continue reading

Guerilla sponsorship

Sponsorship in the arts usually takes the form of a large, multi-national corporation looking to get some extra exposure by getting their logo in the program of a theatre production. Who knew that… Continue reading

How far would you go for free publicity?

Free publicity can be a very powerful source when it comes to promoting a show. But in order for this publicity to be effective in capturing the eye of the media, something interesting… Continue reading

Not Fusion Cuisine, Fusion . . . Theatre?

With the growing popularity of cooking across the world we are seeing a huge increase in the concept of fusion cuisine. This has proved very popular for the food industry, so why wouldn’t… Continue reading