Turning Employees into Walking Billboards

The advantages of turning your brand loyal fans into hard-core promoters has already been discussed on this blog, so I thought I would turn to the other important aspect of a theatre company… Continue reading

Guerilla sponsorship

Sponsorship in the arts usually takes the form of a large, multi-national corporation looking to get some extra exposure by getting their logo in the program of a theatre production. Who knew that… Continue reading

How far would you go for free publicity?

Free publicity can be a very powerful source when it comes to promoting a show. But in order for this publicity to be effective in capturing the eye of the media, something interesting… Continue reading

Not Fusion Cuisine, Fusion . . . Theatre?

With the growing popularity of cooking across the world we are seeing a huge increase in the concept of fusion cuisine. This has proved very popular for the food industry, so why wouldn’t… Continue reading

King Kong sized donations

It appears that taking leaps and bounds (or rather large monkey-sized steps) in the on-stage element of theatre isn’t enough for King Kong. Today it was announced that King Kong will be partnering… Continue reading

Warm-up Acts

On Friday night, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the West End production of One Man, Two Guvnors that is now playing at The Arts Centre. What struck me most about… Continue reading

Pick me! Pick me!

I was just alerted to the below video from the popular TV comedy Family Guy. While I am all for incorporating theatre references (albeit in a mocking way) into popular culture, but I… Continue reading

Money, Money, Money

American television pilot season has finished for another year and yet again we have seen many Broadway stars picked up in new shows that will soon hit the major television networks across the… Continue reading

Not too hot, not too cold . . . just right?

As Goldilocks says, porridge cannot be too hot, porridge cannot be too cold, it has to be just right. The same goes when some writers are looking for an idea to turn into… Continue reading

Regenerating your musical so it doesn’t get exterminated

There is a secret to the long-lived television serial Doctor Who. The series remains fresh and continues to capture audiences’ interest due to the ability to constantly change the cast every couple of… Continue reading