Are TV shows too sacred to make good musicals?

As you may have heard, the Australian production of The Addams Family has decided to close only two months into its run. There are also many rumours that the cast have been told… Continue reading


There are some people out there who apparently think that technology is only a fad that is going to fade out. Then there are the clever ones who actually move with the changes… Continue reading

Getting celebrities to do your work for you!

Alike all opening nights, Legally Blonde’s Melbourne Opening Night was saturated with celebrities on the ‘Pink’ Carpet. But in order not to throw away complimentary tickets, there are a couple of guidelines that… Continue reading

Things ain’t what they used to be . . .

Nostalgia is a powerful force in marketing (i.e. glass Coca-Cola bottles) and it is quite clear that it works in theatres with various revivals opening up around the world. However, how long does… Continue reading

From YouTube to YouPay

There have been murmurings from YouTube for a little while now about the possibility of providing pay-per-view style channels in addition to free content and now seems to be the time. YouTube videos… Continue reading

Star Power!

The producers of Kinky Boots are currently in negotiations about opening up a West End version of Kinky Boots. But they are also contemplating bringing over the stars of the Broadway show. Good… Continue reading

Putting on a Public Launch – Part 2: Pulling a Crowd

You can put on a phenomenal launch for your show (See yesterday’s Legally Blonde post), but you also need to draw in a huge crowd in order to increase the volume of free… Continue reading

Putting on a Public Launch – Part 1: Skipping with Supermodels

Today I attended the Legally Blonde Melbourne launch and there were a lot of pretty impressive things that they did to turn regular fans into brand ambassadors. As I talked about in a… Continue reading

Stop Right Now

Unfortunately Viva Forever, the new Spice Girls jukebox musical on the West End, announced today that it would close after just 6 months. So what can we learn from the mistakes of this… Continue reading

Muscling into THE awards show

A recent complaint on Broadway is that there are so many stalwart shows (Wicked, Phantom of the Opera etc.) and as a result it is getting harder and more difficult to secure a… Continue reading