Muscling into THE awards show

A recent complaint on Broadway is that there are so many stalwart shows (Wicked, Phantom of the Opera etc.) and as a result it is getting harder and more difficult to secure a… Continue reading

Early morning starts . . .

With three hours until the nominees for the 2012/2013 Tony Awards are announced, I only have one question – and it doesn’t relate to any of the productions! Announced 40 days out from… Continue reading

Picking up an audience – Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s post about how to ‘date’ customers, we all know that approval from friends plays a crucial role in whether a relationship goes ahead or not. So how do you… Continue reading

Picking up an audience – Part 1

Getting an audience for your new show is like dating . . . I think this metaphor is going to need a little more explanation! Last week I went to a workshop run… Continue reading

To record or not to record?

Hands on a Hardbody, the fastest closing show on Broadway this season, and a yet to be recorded cast recording don’t necessarily seem like two ideas that would get a motor revving but… Continue reading

When celebrities go ‘Kinky’ . . .

We know that when celebrities are caught drinking a brand of soft drink or sporting a brand of clothing the sales go through the roof. But does that work for theatre . .… Continue reading


Welcome to my new blog; Standing (inn)ovation. Like the name suggests, the idea behind this blog is to look at innovation in the world of theatre and entertainment to discover ways to create… Continue reading