A grand (sold out) finale

To much disappointment for Legally Blonde fans all over the country, Legally Blonde the Musical performed its final Australian show today. So let’s look back over the wonderful time that we have had with the musical across the country. *Cue cliché-romantic-comedy-flashback song*

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde definitely did things differently than most other musicals. And by breaking tradition they stumbled upon some rather exciting new marketing ideas.

Marketing Idea #1: Public Appearances

Most musicals do their fair share of public performances to try and bring new people along to the show. But Legally Blonde took it one step further and went promotion crazy! Whether it was skipping competitions in shopping centres, school visits by the stars of the musical, teaming up with Formula 1 drivers for a public performance or incorporating the presenters of Fox 101.9 into a special show, Legally Blonde did it all.

Marketing Idea #2: Creating extra value for audience members

From the moment you see Legally Blonde, you are immersed in the experience. There were pink carpets, there were professional photographers to document the night out and there were cut outs where you could add your head to a cast member’s body. All of these strategies add value to the consumer’s experience and hopefully bring them back another time.

Marketing Idea #3: Encouraging stage door cues

Visiting the stage door is a popular tradition for any die-hard musical theatre geek, and while the stars love seeing their fans at the stage door it adds a lot of time each night to the end of their job when large groups visit the stage door. Despite this fact, the show actively encouraged audience members to visit the stage door and the cast were always enthusiastic to meet the fans (no matter how far the crowd extended up the street!). By getting people involved in meeting the cast, you add a personal touch to the audience member’s experience and hopefully encourage them to come back and see the show, or at least buy a program so they have something to get signed.

Goodbye Legally Blonde, thank you for your innovative marketing and good luck to all the performers as they transition off into other shows!